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Q. Why is M.B.M is one of the most chosen college by top rankers of RPET?

One of the best engineering colleges in India. Engineers produced by this institute are working all over the world. Though, due to one or other reason, it has not been upgreded to IIT or NIIT, it meets with international standards for an engineering institute. The research products from this college have not only raised the name of the college, but it also raised the name of the Jodhpur city. An example of this is "soil bearing capacity testing equipment" produced by Dr Alam Singh. A number of books written by the proffesors from this college are being used as text book in many universities in the world, including IIT's and NIIT's in India.

This is one of at least three engineering institutes in the world which have their own underground mines with ventilation systems. The students are taught with better appreciation of mining methods. Mining department has world class geology, fuel assaying, and other laboratories. Mining department has produced proffesos like Prof Surana, Prof Bhadada, Prof K K Gupta, Prof Palaria, Prof Sunil Parihar. The mining engineers produced from MBM Engineering College are working in coal, metal and non-metal mines all over the world.

Q. How does the student panel work?

Student panel is used to represent profile of respective student. In this first you have to register through your roll number and email-id . A verification link will appear in your inbox, by clicking on this link you can log in on the page by entering your password and roll no.

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